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    Physical Exercise

    Physical Exercise:

    It is an established fact that the person who has acquired proper understanding of the causes responsible for those extra pounds, can lose more easily and effectively.

    Sometimes psychological dilemmas also hamper a person’s efforts for reducing his weight. In such cases, his reasoning tells him to reduce, but his conscience resists this move. If a person becomes aware of this psychological factor operating behind his extra fat, his efforts to reduce meet with success.

    Consider these exercises:

    Those who are engaged in manual jobs rarely face weight problems. In most of the cases the excess fat layer is the result of a sedentary life. Many persons, particularly men, start becoming fat when they give up their regular exercise. It is noticed in our country that when a young man launches his professional career, his weight starts increasing. Before taking up a job, he usually participates in various sports or keeps moving around. But once he is harnessed in the routine, he stops all these physical activities.

    Whether the exercise is helpful in reducing the excess fat or not has become a debatable issue.
    Argument is:-

    1. Exercise stimulates the digestive system and makes a person hungrier. A fat person eats more after he has done the exercise and consequently this excess food intake hampers his weight-reduction process.
    2. If doing exercises reduces the weight, why do the wrestlers and the athletes appear fat?
    3. A fat person becomes breathless at the slightest physical exertion. His heart, respiratory system and other organs are already saddled with a heavy burden. Under such circumstances how could we add to his burden by advising him to do exercises?

    First of all, the relation between physical exertion and hunger calls for a thorough examination.

    If an ordinary person exerts himself, his food intake increases to a certain extent. But if he does less than normal physical activity, his food intake does not decrease (in some cases if actually increases). On the other hand, the food intake decreases, after a session of heavy exercise. Exercise never stimulates a fat person’s hunger. On the contrary, it causes some loss of appetite.

    The argument that ‘the fat you lose by doing the exercise is regained, with interest, by overeating’, is nothing more than sheer self-deception on the part of that individual who wishes to resort to such logic in order to hide his weakness and laziness.

    It is true that the very reference of a wrestler creates, before our mind’s eye, an image of a huge, pot-bellied obese figure. However, the argument that the exercise is the cause of a wrestler’s obesity is far from the truth. In fact, dry fruits and other high-calorie foodstuffs are the root causes of their obesity.

    But mind, you don’t have to reduce 1pound every day. You can reduce 10 pounds in a year by cycling for 45 minutes, or by swimming for 30 minutes every day. Similarly you can reduce your excess fat by regularly participating in any moderate physical activity or sports over a long period.

    Given below is a table showing how much energy is spent in different types of physical activities:

    Type of the Physical Activity Energy spent in an Hour
      1. Walking 125 to 200 calories
      2. Household Chores 150 to 250 calories
      3. Fast Walking 300 to 350 calories
      4. Gardening 300 to 350 calories
      5. Games like Rugby and Soccer 300 to 350 calories
      6. Table Tennis 325 to 375 calories
      7. Light Exercise of yoga 350 to 400 calories
      8. Cycling 400 to 450 calories
      9. Dancing 400 to 500 calories
    10. Lawn tennis or Badminton 400 to 500 calories
    11. Swimming 550 to 700 calories
    12. Skipping 650 to 700 calories
    13. Running 650 to 800 calories
    14. Heavy Exercises 700 to 1000 calories


    Note: When energy worth 3500 calories is spent, the weight is reduced by 1 pound.

    The exercises, thus, help a person to spend energy and reduce his weight. This is an apparent benefit of the exercise. The exercise yields another less apparent benefit also. It increases the basal metabolic rate of the body, which in turn burns away the excess fat. The increase in this rate is proportionate to the intensity of the exercise. Following a session of heavy exercise, this rate is sustained at a very high level for hours together.

    Exercises help a person to lower his blood pressure. They also reduce the level of lipids in the blood and improve the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Exercises make the heart stronger and more efficient. They reduce the possibilities of coronary heart disease. The exercises improve the muscle tone and remove wrinkles and flabbiness of skin.

    As indicated earlier, sometimes, psychological disorders are also associated with the being even a bit fat. The exercises improve the mental health. It has been noticed that those persons who at one time suffered restlessness or anxiety become tranquil and mentally balanced after starting regular exercises.

    Who can do, what types of exercises?

    1. Women can treat their household chores as exercises. Reducing dependence on the servants can easily do this. They can do some yogasanas also.
    2. The exercise of walking or jogging is generally convenient to everyone. Walking long distances early in the morning and inhaling fresh air makes the body, mind and soul healthy and pure. Deep breathing is essential during long walks.
    3. The exercise of yogasanas is convenient for everyone.
    4. Children and youngsters can get enough exercise by participating in different games and sports.
    5. The exercise of skipping is very good of girls.
    6. Elderly people and middle-aged can do the exercise by going for long walks or by doing gardening.
    7. Those who are very busy and can’t spare any time for the exercise can also increase their energy expenditure either by standing for longer durations during the day or by cutting down their usual hours of sleep. It has been noticed that when fat persons are sleeping or relaxing their basal metabolic rate is reduced to almost nil.

    Some suggestions for exercises:

    1. Do not be overenthusiastic with the exercises. In the beginning, do only light exercises. Their duration and intensity should be gradually increased keeping pace with the improvement in your health, vitality and efficiency of various organs.
    2. In the beginning do not undertake those heavy exercises that could exhaust you, make you breathless or perspire profusely. The very purpose of exercises is defeated if they tire you out so much that you have to take rest for the rest of the day.
    3. Regularity is very essential in the exercise. The efficacy of the exercise depends on the regularity. Do not miss a single day in the exercise program. Never succumb to your instinct to turn lazy and give up the exercise.

    Now I am sure that, as you are ready to start with your dinner, you will first think about the importance of proper chewing and all the processes taking place inside the body after consuming the food. You should allow the food to leave the mouth only after you are sure that, the food particles are almost transformed into the liquid form. This way, you are not only enhancing the efficiency of the stomach but also reducing the malfunction of the stomach. So we are ready to take up some simple diet plans and also a few light exercises to get into shape! I suggest that you read through and understand thoroughly, what is stated above, in order to help you decide how much weight you want to lose and how. You are the best judge of your body and I am sure you know what you want? So, try and select the most suitable exercise mode and also diet plan for yourself and get going! Well, I am sure by now you are raring to get set and go!

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    Why do fad diets make such a big sensation?

    So why do fad diets make such a big sensation?

    The answer is really quite simple. In one word………Beauty. Oh yes, that factor is there and no matter how much all of us try to deny it, that element is there in every one of us. All of us want to look good in the eyes of others. How many of us stand in front of our mirrors before we dash of to work. Maybe we don’t really stand in front of the mirror and chant out, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” But oh yes, deep down inside we all yearn to look good and we long to hear compliments from others. How many of us try to look at ourselves from different angles while we are at the hairdresser’s.

    Fine enough, there is nothing to feel embarrassed, because this urge is a very human urge and it is one of the many things that distinguish us from animals. But there are some strings attached over here. All over the world, maybe more in the western world more than anywhere else, a slim, trim; fit figure is what every one considers attractive. Flab and fat are a turn off. And then the mirror stares back at you and you just can’t hide those extra pounds that manifest themselves in those tires, curves, rounds and dimples.

    Every one of us has been endowed with a lot of good looks, (and maybe not so good looks), these are god given and we can’t do much about what we have or what we don’t have except if we of course resort to the option of a cosmetic surgery. But there is one thing that is well within our control and that is the weight that our bodies support. Everyone looks upon those extra pounds as if it is some incorrigible sin, something that should be frowned upon, scorned, spurned and despised. The end effect is that even we start despising our own bodies.

    We feel that we have done some unpardonable wrong if we have a few extra pounds. And if that is not bad enough there is the aspect of health that is always attached to the beauty aspect. And then we are done for. Extra pounds can only mean two things, number one is that we are not health conscious enough and the other thing is that we do not care even a bit about the way we look. Enough, that’s enough for anyone to look at us with all the scorn and disgust in the world, We no longer are considered as human beings and even if we are, we are considered as second grade citizens.

    And just when all hope is lost, when we are the depths of despair, when we are hopelessly wallowing in self-pity comes the next fad diet hits the market, smiles at us from the T.V screen, looks down from billboards and promises a whole new world, a new life and a new look. Then the feeling that hits us is that what have we got to lose, just a few dollars? Why not, if that is all, that it is going to take just a few dollars and we can regain our poise and once again be recognized as first grade citizens. What the heck, there has to be something good about fad diet or obviously there would not be so much hype about it, and there would not be so many testimonials claiming that this new diet is the best.  

    The craziest thing about these fad diets is the way that they promise that a person can lose weight without exercise. If you take a minute or two to think about what these fad diets profess, you can see for yourself how ridiculous these claims are. Let us take a minute to look at the whole process of metabolism and then we can make up our minds about the veracity of these claims.

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