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    Physical Exercise

    Physical Exercise:

    It is an established fact that the person who has acquired proper understanding of the causes responsible for those extra pounds, can lose more easily and effectively.

    Sometimes psychological dilemmas also hamper a person’s efforts for reducing his weight. In such cases, his reasoning tells him to reduce, but his conscience resists this move. If a person becomes aware of this psychological factor operating behind his extra fat, his efforts to reduce meet with success.

    Consider these exercises:

    Those who are engaged in manual jobs rarely face weight problems. In most of the cases the excess fat layer is the result of a sedentary life. Many persons, particularly men, start becoming fat when they give up their regular exercise. It is noticed in our country that when a young man launches his professional career, his weight starts increasing. Before taking up a job, he usually participates in various sports or keeps moving around. But once he is harnessed in the routine, he stops all these physical activities.

    Whether the exercise is helpful in reducing the excess fat or not has become a debatable issue. Argument is:-

    Exercise stimulates the digestive system and makes a person hungrier. A fat person eats more after he has done the exercise and consequently this excess food intake hampers his weight-reduction process. If doing exercises reduces the weight, why do the wrestlers and the athletes appear fat? A fat person becomes breathless at the slightest

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    Why do fad diets make such a big sensation?

    So why do fad diets make such a big sensation?

    The answer is really quite simple. In one word………Beauty. Oh yes, that factor is there and no matter how much all of us try to deny it, that element is there in every one of us. All of us want to look good in the eyes of others. How many of us stand in front of our mirrors before we dash of to work. Maybe we don’t really stand in front of the mirror and chant out, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” But oh yes, deep down inside we all yearn to look good and we long to hear compliments from others. How many of us try to look at ourselves from different angles while we are at the hairdresser’s.

    Fine enough, there is nothing to feel embarrassed, because this urge is a very human urge and it is one of the many things that distinguish us from animals. But there are some strings attached over here. All over the world, maybe more in the western world more than anywhere else, a slim, trim; fit figure is what every one considers attractive. Flab and fat are a turn off. And then the mirror stares back at you and you just can’t hide those extra pounds that manifest themselves in those tires, curves, rounds and dimples.

    Every one of us has been endowed with a lot

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